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Top: Jewish Atrocities: Qana--The 2nd Israeli Genocide of Christians and Moslems in Qana in 2006

Who Did Not Care About Him Because He Is Not a Jew

Qana, dead child

When Non-Jews Cry Out, Israelis Are Not Moved
Israel's Nationalist Zionist Hate Kills These Children Without Remorse

More Archived Photos of Qana


Jew Watch Archives of Qana Photos

There Were No Hezbollah and No Rocket Launchers in Qana Ever

Advocating Massacre: An Insight Into the Neocon Mindset

Hezbollah Did Not Start the War. Israel Did.

Lebanese Hospital: Number of Casualties from Qana Air Strike is 28, not 52. So, This Is Supposed to Make Israel Look Better?

Qana: Turning Point of World OpinionArab News: 'Israelis Massacre Kids'

Der Spiegel: Israel's Defensive War Honeymoon Suddenly Ends at Qana

The Results of Deaths are In: After Two Weeks of Irresponsible and Sadistic Bombings by Jewish Skinhead Racists Most Casualties are Innocents--i.e., Many Women and Children, Only a Few Men

Qana Lies Begin: Jews Claim Fewer Killed, That Building Was Empty, Etc., To Spin Bad Story Good

How Deceit in the Press Hides Israel's Hate: How We Are Made to Only Dimly See the Jews' War Crimes Against Christians and Moslems in the Mid East

South Africa Condemns Qana, Lebanon War Crime Bombing

This Was the Second Massacre at Qana. The First Was Even Worse. And Israel, Of Course, Was the War Criminal in Both.

War Criminal and Israeli Fuehrer Ehud Olmert Orders Up More Bombings and Possible Qanas, Dead Children and All

U.N. Fails to Condemn Qana War Crimes Due Veto Powers of the Much Hated Pro-Zionist, AIPAC/Israeli Puppet, and Openly War Mongering United States

Israeli Polls: 80% Approval for Zionism's War Crimes. Numbers Reveal Deep Jewish Racism

Israel's Liars Grasp at Thinnest of Straws Saying It Is Too Early To Tell If Israel's Bombs Collapsed the Qana Building

Lebanese Refugees Terrorized by Israel's Vast Savagery Flee North During Short Lull in Bombing

Iraqi VP Accuses Israel of 'Massacres' as Middle East Begins Wriggling Free From America's Hate Filled Zionist Fist

The Jew Watch Project Reminds You that The Jews Who Are Your Next Door Neighbors Are Probably People Like You Who Are Not Responsible for These Israeli Terror Activities. Please Protect Them from Harm.

'Photos That Damn Hezbollah' Really Don't: These Hezbollah Guns are Not Cannons But Are Merely Honest Defensive Anti-Aircraft Guns Designed Only to Shoot Down Invading Jewish Aircraft That Have Devastated Christian/Moslem Lebanon and Killed Its Innocent Women and Children

International Community Condemns Israeli Terror State

Raise Readiness, Assad Tells Syrian Military

Racist Israeli Terror Nation Murders 56 Dead Including 34 Youths in Irresponsible Israeli Attack in Midst of Civilians

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan Calls Emergency Meeting

Zionist Racism Against Ethiopians in by Jews in Israel

Israeli Co-Conspirator and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Postpones Trip to BeirutThe Disgusting Condi Rice Vaudeville Act

Violently Enraged Lebanese Attack U.N. HQ

Beirut Streets Surge With 100's of Angry Christians and Moslems

Hezbollah's 'Party of God' Responds with More Than100 Rockets Fired at the Israeli Terror State on Sunday

Jewish Lie of the Day:  Hezbollah Was Using UN Post as 'Shield' So We Had a Social Responsibility as Jewish Supremacists to Waste Innocent Non-Jewish Families and Their Children

Pope Benedict Appeals for Middle East Cease-Fire

Israeli Racist Murders Suspend Their Illegal Killing of Innocents from the Air for 48 Hours Conditional On Hezbollah Not Firing Rockets into Israel Which Means There Will Probably Be No Suspension of Its Bombings At All

The United States of America Reveals Itself as a Colony of Israel When It Diplomatically Asks the Israeli Terror State Not to Kill Christian and Moslem People While It Continues to Ship to Israel the Deadly Bombs For Them to Do S

Israeli PR Suffers Damage from 24 Hour Delay in Screening Qana Films. Or, Since the Mossad is a Deception Agency, Was It Time Spent to Make Computerized Digital Fakes of Rocket Launches from Qana Where None Really Happened?

Jordan's King Accuses Israel of Criminal Aggression in Qana Attack

Thousands of Christians, Jews, and Moslems in London Demonstrate Against the Israeli Terror State

Zionist Puppet Blair Brushes Aside UK Cabinet Gripes About Israel, Panders Weakly for Peace to Salvage a PR Image

Syria:  US Can No Longer Justify Its Support for Israel

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