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Beginner's Primer on General 911 Studies

  • The Path of News Breaks
    - A sampling of the rare exceptions that prove
    the media's hear/see/report-no-9/11-evil rule


    The Path of Stubborn Questions
    - Victim family queries that remain unanswered to this day

    The Path of Deceit, Distortion & Perjury
    - The Way of the Neocon Warrior (When the "free press"
    turns to stenography, Machiavelli returns to life!)

    The Path of Past Precedents
    - How and why they keep doing it to us,
    a crash course in official betrayal

    The Path of Timelines
    - Systematic compilations of documented 9/11 facts that make
    "coincidence theory" the wildest hypothesis of the day



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