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Top: Jewish Leaders Folder: Edward Bernays, Founder of Public Relations & Advertising, For Manipulation of the Masses

  • The Museum of Public Relations
  • Edward L. Bernays, Father of Spin
  • BBC Biographical Video on the Life of Edward Bernays, "The Century of the Self" (See More Links to Additional Episodes Below on this Page)

Edward Bernays, Zionist Propaganda King, P.R. Founder, Spinner & Professional Liar

Edward  Bernays, 1891-1995 Inventor of Public Relations and Advertising (from Wikipedia)

Edward Louis Bernays (November 22, 2021 March 9, 2022) is considered one of the fathers of the field of public relations along with Ivy Lee. Combining the ideas of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter on crowd psychology with the psychoanalytical ideas of his uncle, Sigmund Freud, Bernays was one of the first to attempt to manipulate public opinion using the psychology of the subconscious.

He felt this manipulation was necessary in society, which he regarded as irrational and dangerous as a result of the 'herd instinct' that Trotter had described. Adam Curtis's award-winning 2002 documentary for the BBC, The Century of the Self, pinpoints Bernays as the originator of modern public relations.

He was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine.

Born 1891 in Vienna to Jewish parents, Bernays was nephew to psychoanalyst pioneer Sigmund Freud. His father was Ely Bernays, brother of Freud's wife Martha Bernays. His mother was Freud's sister, Anna. In 1892 his family moved to New York City. In 1912 he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in agriculture, but chose journalism as his first career. He married to Doris E. Fleischman in 1922.

Edward Bernays - BBC Video
BBC Biography of Edward Bernays -His Effect on Creating Opinion Changes - Through the Creation of Psychological Fraud

"The Century of the Self", BBC Video on Bernays, Part 1 of 4

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"The Century of the Self", BBC Video on Bernays, Part 4 of 4

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