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News Flash
Jew Watch Shut Down 4 Hours

World News Service (St. Louis & New York City) -- The World's largest Jewish News Service, Jew Watch, was knocked off the Internet for approximately 4 hours on Thursday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm. The reason for the web site's absence was reported to be the sudden failure of a switching system on the East Coast.

During this time period, The Jew Watch Project failed to connect with more than 2,500 scholars who regularly visit the site between 6:30pm and 10:30pm which is the heaviest traffic period and may have been the reason for the switching failure.

More than 18,000 hits were stopped which otherwise would have been served to the demand load during the period of the blackout.

The Jew Watch Project's Librarian and Journalist, Frank Weltner, told news services that The Jew Watch Project was not shut down by hackers or bureaucrats as some had feared. "We are impervious to all hackers," Mr. Weltner said. "We have learned the sly lessons of the Internet very well so that the Trojan Horses and other slings and arrows of torment that the enemies of scholarship have tossed our way in the past simply no longer will work, because we have a collection of antidotes which totally frustrate their lame attempts at electronic vandalism."

The Jew Watch Project has served its information to more than 123 million hits since 1996, and the numbers of interested persons has increased exponentially year by year. "We are talking millions and millions of interested persons. If you build a web site that serves people properly and informatively, your audience will find you and support you," Mr. Weltner said. "Our readers include college professors, Jewish scholars, newspaper reporters, voracious news readers, ministers, and a variety of persons who for one reason or another are interested in the activities of the persons for whom The Jew Watch Project has become the international watch dog. Our activities are going on in a variety of nations across the turning globe, 24 hours per day; for us, the light never goes out. We are always awake and watching."

The Jew Watch Project is an intellectual venture which believes in peaceful coexistence under the rules of Mahatma Gandhi. The "Project," as it is affectionately called by its readers, openly works to protect all Jews worldwide from violence. Mr. Weltner stated that, "Although we print a lot of information that Jews would wish might never see the light of day, at the same time, our philosophy actively tells our readers never to harm Jews in any way, that most Jews are just like you and have absolutely no knowledge of many of the historical facts that The Jew Watch Project reports and archives." Mr. Weltner instructs his readers, "Remember to never blame the Jew down the street who goes to work daily just like you do for what Israel does, what the Jewish communists have done, or what the Jewish banks have done over the years, because he most likely has no more knowledge of this than you do, and, in most respects he is just like you. He lives for his family and his country."

The blackout of Jew Watch, which lasted 4 hours, is rare, according to Mr. Weltner, and probably won't be repeated until some other component reaches its breakdown point which might not occur for the next two or three years. "We pride ourselves in a 99.99% uptime record," Weltner says. "When we go down, we become very concerned, because we are so committed to serving our readers who have literally nowhere else to go to access the information that we regularly and permanently archive. We would like to apologize to our readers for the inconvenience that this service break had upon their lives."

After a few moments of speaking with us, Weltner had to leave to cull more information, pictures, and YouTube productions from the Internet for the next edition of The Jew Watch Project.