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Top: JewishFounded Organizations: ADL:The World's Largest RacistHate Group: ADL Telephone Book

"Let Your Fingers Dial for Hate"
Telephone numbers for ADL's nationwideHate Offices
The Racist Anti-Defamation League Hate Group



USA National Office 212-490-2525

Washington Office 202-453-8320


Albuquerque 505-823-2712

Arizona 602-274-0991

Atlanta (Southeast) 404-262-3470

Boston (New England) 617-330-9696

Chicago (Greater Chicago - Wisconsin) 312-782-5080

Cleveland (Northern Ohio) 216-579-9600

Columbus (Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky) 614-621-0601

Connecticut 203-787-4281

Dallas (Northwest Texas/Oklahoma) 214-960-0342

D.C. (D.C./Maryland) 202-452-8310

Denver (Mountain States) 303-321-7177

Detroit (Michigan) 810-355-3730

Houston (Southwest) 713-627-3490

Los Angeles (Pacific Southwest) 310-446-8000

Miami (Forida) 305-373-6306

New Jersey 201-669-9700

New Orleans (South Central) 504-522-9534

New York City (New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam andLong Island) 212-522-9534

New York State 518-446-0038

Omaha (Plains States) 402-333-1303

Orange County 714-973-4733

Palm Beach County 407-832-7144

Philadelphia (Eastern Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania/Delaware) 215-735-4267

San Diego 619-293-3770

San Francisco (Central Pacific) 415-981-3500

Seattle (Pacific Northwest) 206-448-5349

St. Louis (Missouri/Southern Illinois) 314-432-6868

Virginia/North Carolina 804-455-9002


Jerusalem 011-972-2-251-171

Canada (League for Human Rights of Canadian B'nai B'rith) 416-633-6227

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