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The following is an anonymousletter on the ADL's many wrongs

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is the most powerful hategroup in America today.

The Anti-Defamation League engages in the worst examples of defamationever seen in a country with free speech.

The Anti-Defamation League specializes in writing reports that defameChristians, Muslims, or any person not 100% proved kosher by the Anti-DefamationLeague. The Anti-Defamation League is given 100s of 1000s of dollars peryear to "train" (read "brainwash") police officers.This despite the fact that the Anti-Defamation League membership is openonly to Jews. The alliance between law enforcement and the Anti-DefamationLeague is clearly a violation of separation of religion and state.

As a matter of fact, the Anti-Defamation League has lobbied for decadesto remove any semblance of Christianity from government-funded institutions.For instance if a teacher were to put up any Christian symbol, the Anti-DefamationLeague would be the first to scream, shout, and threaten the school, sayingthe teacher and school are "anti-Semitic," "Nazis,"and violators of the Constitution. So in the place of traditional Christiansymbols the Anti-Defamation League has substituted their World of DifferenceProgram, that cleverly expresses the Anti-Defamation League's Jewish supremacyand hate for all those who don't give in to the Anti-Defamation League'severy wish. And should a school not accept to pay thousands of dollars tothe Anti-Defamation League for this "program," the school, principal,teachers, and school boards are again vilified as "Haters, ""Nazis," "Christian-bigots."

Their motto is: "We Love, You Hate." And if you want to becomeone of their acceptable people you must degradingly prostitute yourselfby acclaiming Jews, their superiority, their innocence at the hands of persecution,while agreeing everywhere you go that Christianity is bad, should be remove,and replaced in the schools by the World of Difference Program that wasmade by the Anti-Defamation League that strictly restricts non-jews fromjoining.

The Anti-Defamation League "monitors" (read "spys")on any group that doesn't tow the Anti-Defamation League's line. Anti-DefamationLeague spys especially on White and Black nationalists, and the Anti-DefamationLeague loves defaming Christians. Their best weapon is information, thatthey get from their spies all over the world, coupled with their parentcompany, the Mossad , which is the main spy agency of Israel. Anti-DefamationLeague proceeds, then to slander, libel and defame any person or thing thatdoesn't slavishly love them. They have friends in very high places and soall criticism of them comes from the grassroots level.

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