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Chip Berlet on the ADL'sUnderground Activities
Right-Wing & Law Enforcement Are ADL's Conspiring Partners
(Despite Consistent Left-Wing PoliticsWith ADL Penetration & Control of Democratic Party)
Source: "the Progressive", March 1996, pp. 6-7.

I consider the ADL's relationship with law enforcement and intelligenceagencies unethical, and have so stated publicly for more than ten years;my concern did not originate with the revelations of the ADL's significantrole in a political spying network in San Francisco.

For years, ADL has worked with a network of rightwing spies who haveillegally obtained data on leftists from law enforcement, pilfered informationfrom the offices of progressives, and then shared the information with publicand private agencies.

Sara Diamond reveals in her recent book, "Roads to Dominion",that during the Reagan years, the ADL joined with conservative and Christianright groups and government intelligence agencies to covertly plan a propagandacampaign designed to bolster public support for Reagan's Central Americanpolicies.

The ADL does not maintain a single archival research library or "repositoryof information" open to the general public. Progressives are routinelydenied access to the same private ADL archives opened to conservatives andgovernment agents.

Some critics of the ADL are indeed cranks and anti-Semites, but ... useof this fact as a shield against criticism is shameful.

Chip Berlet
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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