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Top: Jewish References &Documents: Gentiles SpeakingAbout Jews: Henry Ford: THEINTERNATIONAL JEW IN ITS ENTIREITY: Chapter 12 - "Liquor, Gambling, Vice and Corruption"

"Liquor, Gambling, Vice and Corruption"

From Henry Ford's Book, TheInternational Jew

The Jew is the world's enigma. Poor in his masses, yet he controls theworld's finances. Scattered abroad without country or official government,yet he presents a unity of race continuity which no other people has achieved.Poor some centuries living under legal disabilities in almost every land,he emerged to become the power behind many a throne.

The single description which will include a larger percentage of Jewsthan members of any other race is this: he is in business. From the saleof old clothes to the control of international trade and finance, the Jewis supremely gifted for business. More than any other race he exhibits adecided aversion to industrial employment which he balances by an equallydecided adaptability to trade.

The Gentile boy is prepared to work his way up, taking employment inthe productive or technical departments; but the Jewish boy prefers to beginas a salesman, clerk, anything so long as it is connected with the commercialside of the business.

In America alone most of the big business, the trusts, the banks, thenatural resources and the chief agricultural products, especially tobacco,cotton and sugar, are in the control of Jewish financiers or their agents.Jewish journalists are a large and powerful group here. Large numbers ofdepartment stores are held by Jewish firms, and many of them, if not most,are run under Gentile names.

Jews are the largest and most numerous landlords of residential propertyin the whole country. They are supreme in the entertainment world. Theyabsolutely control the circulation of publications throughout the country.More powerful than any race among us, they receive a daily amount of favorablepublicity which would be impossible did they not have the facilities forcreating and distributing it themselves.

Werner Sombart, a pro-Jewish writer, in his "Jews and Modern Capitalism,"says:

"If the conditions in America continue to develop along the samelines as in the last generation, if the immigration statistics and the sameproportion of births among all the nationalities remain the same, our imaginationmay picture the United States of 50 or 100 years hence as a land inhabitedonly by Slavs, Negroes and Jews, wherein the Jew will naturally occupy theposition of economic leadership."

The Jew is the only original internationalist capitalist, but as a rulehe prefers not to emblazon that fact upon the skies; the arresting factabout the Jew is his world wide unchallenged power coupled with comparativenumerical inferiority.

Jews and the Bootlegging Evil

The claim made for the Jews that they are a sober race may be true, butthat has not obscured two facts concerning them; namely, that they usuallyconstitute the liquor dealers of countries where they live in numbers, andthat in the United States they were the only race exempted from the operationsof the Prohibition Law. In general, the Jews are on the side of liquor andalways have been. They are the steadiest drinkers of all.

That is why they were able to secure exemption from the Prohibition Laws;their religious ceremonies require them to drink an amount which the lawconsidered equal to 10 gallons a year. So the Prohibition Law of the UnitedStates - which was a part of the Constitution of the United States - wasmade legally ineffective to the extent of 10 gallons a year to a Jew. Racialprivilege? No, the Jews did not raise that scare then, during the profitableProhibition era. They knew it was easy to get 100 gallons through a 10 gallonloophole. In fact, millions of gallons of bootleg liquor came through that10 gallon loophole.

It came as a surprise to the American people that the liquor businessof the world had been in the hands of the Jews. In the United States theliquor business was almost exclusively in the hands of Jews for 25 yearsprior to Prohibition; during the period, in fact, when the liquor tradewas giving point and confirmation to the more extreme Prohibition arguments!

In the volume, "The Conquering Jew," published by Funk &Wagnalls Company in 1916, John Foster Fraser writes:

"The Jews are masters of the whisky trade in the United States.Eighty per cent of the members of the National Liquor Dealers' Associationare Jews. It has been shown that sixty per cent of the business of distillingand wholesale trade in whisky is in the hands of Jews. As middle men theycontrol the wine product of California. Jews visit the tobacco-growing Statesand buy up nearly all the leaf tobacco, so that the great tobacco companieshave to buy the raw product from them. The Jews have a grip on the cigartrade."

It was also true of Europe, especially in Russia, Rumania and Poland.The Jewish Encyclopedia states that

"The establishment of the government liquor monopoly (in Russiain 1896) deprived thousands of Jewish families of a livelihood."

They controlled the liquor traffic, the vodka business which underminedRussia. In Rumania the whole "Jewish Question" was the liquorquestion. In Poland the same was true. In the United States whisky alsobecame Jewish in the 19th century.

How the Jewish Liquor Trust Worked

An alcoholic spirit from grain may be made in any climate and by manymethods. Neutral spirits, high wines and alcohol, are not indigenous anywhere.They can be made in any back room or cellar, in a very little time. Littlecare is required. A concoction of drugs and spirits, colored and flavored,fraudulently labeled "whisky" and passed over the bar, is a crimeagainst distilling, against the human nervous system, and against society.As far back as 1904, Dr. Wiley, then chief of the United States Bureau ofChemistry, had a great deal to say about this. Few paid any attention tohim because he did not point out that the evil he was attacking was fosteredby a single class of men bent on gain at the cost of ruin to an Americanindustry and to countless thousands of American citizens. The public supposedthat Dr. Wiley was discussing a technical matter which interested Americandistillers only. It might have vastly interested the American citizens ifanyone had but had the clear vision and the courage to expose the greatJewish whisky conspiracy.

Old Names Bought Up

The Jewish character of the whisky business since as far back as theCivil War may be visualized by the simple expedient of noting how many ofthe better known brands have at various dates come under Jewish control.It is an alarming list. Any citizen in any city of any size will have notrouble in confirming the statement that most of the rectifiers and wholesalersand brokers in the whisky trade of his city were, and still are, Jews. Itis not only the fact that the liquor business is controlled by Jews thatassumes importance, but it is in the additional fact that there was spreadover America the machinery of a vicious system which while it was destinedto ruin the liquor business, also ruined hundreds of thousands of citizenswho trusted that "pure and unadulterated" meant what the wordswere intended to convey. Of course the stuff was "pure and unadulterated."So is carbolic acid - but it is not whisky.

Prohibition came sweeping the saloon away, but not depriving the Jewishcompounder of his profits. Prohibition was swept away but the booze racketsremained.

"Nigger Gin"

In "Collier's Weekly," during the year 1908, solid truths appeared,which are in point today as proofs of what was transpiring." Collier'sWeekly" was the first journal in the land to print the names of Jewsin connection with the liquor debauchery of the country. Even so, it hadbeen going on a very long time. There was a specially scathing attack onwhat was called "Nigger gin," a peculiarly vile beverage whichwas compounded to act upon the Negro in a most vicious manner. The author,Will Irwin, spoke of this gin as

"The king iniquity in the degenerated liquor traffic of these UnitedStates."

This author and Collier's started a new fashion in giving publicity notonly to the names of certain brands of liquors, but also the names of themen who made them - all were Jews! The maker of one brand of "niggergin" which had spurred certain Negroes on to the nameless crime, wasone Lee Levy. Mr. Irwin detailed some of his experiences investigating thegin sold by a number of companies, all bearing Jewish names. The gin wascheap, its labels bore lascivious suggestions and were decorated with highlyindecent portraiture of white women." I never saw it in any saloonwhich bars the Negro," he wrote. Widely sold brands of cheap, noxiousgins and other liquors, made by and brazenly sold under Jewish names, causednewspaper and police comments upon the peculiar lawlessness among Negroes.With reference to the Negro Question, "nigger gin," the productof Jewish poisoned liquor factories, was its most provocative element.

The date of the appearance of this gin on the United States market isthe period when Negro outbursts and subsequent lynchings became serious.The localities where this gin was sold are those where the disorders prevailed.

The Reasoned Answer

The ancient Jewish policy of Divide-Conquer-Destroy tells the story ofthe liquor traffic. Jewish influence divided between distilling and compounding,drove out distilling, and in the end destroyed the traffic as a legalizedentity - opening the way for the mass-organized bootlegger, gangster, andthe lawlessness which created today's evil world.

It is extremely simple, so simple that it is overlooked." Divideand Conquer," is the formula as the Jewish leaders conceive it, as,indeed, it is stated in the Protocols.The public is being constantly deceived by an appearance of complexity,where there is none. When you find the fever-bearing mosquito, yellow-feveris no longer a mystery. That which succumbs to complete Judaization, asJewish leaders conceive it, may deserve to fall. The justification of itsdestruction may appear in the possibility of its Judaization.

The maintenance of the idea of drink in the minds of the people is dueto Jewish propaganda. There is not a dialogue on the stage or screen thatdoes not drip of drink patter. The idea of the abuse of drink will be maintainedby means of the Jewish stage, Jewish jazz and Jewish comics, until somebodycomes down hard upon it as being incentive of treason.

Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Sports

There are men in the United States who say that baseball has receivedits death wound and is dying out of the lists of respectable sports. Thereare other men who say that American baseball can be saved if a clean sweepis made of the Jewish influence which has dragged it through a period ofbitter shame and demoralization.

Whether baseball as a first-class sport is killed and will survive onlyas a cheap-jack entertainment; or whether baseball possesses sufficientintrinsic character to rise in righteous wrath and cast out the danger thatmenaces it, will remain a matter of various opinion. But there is one certainty,namely, that the last and most dangerous blow dealt baseball was curiouslynotable for its Jewish character.

Baseball is a trivial matter compared with some of the facts that arewaiting publication, yet is it possible to see the operation of the JewishIdea in baseball as clearly as in any other field. The process is the same,whether in war or politics, in finance or in sports.

To begin with, the Jews are not sportsmen. This is not set down in complaintagainst them, but merely as analysis. It may be a defect in their character,or it may not; it is nevertheless a fact which discriminating Jews unhesitatinglyacknowledge. Whether this is due to their physical lethargy, their dislikeof unnecessary physical action, or their cast of mind, others may decide;the Jew is not naturally an out-of-door sportsman; if he takes up golf itis because his station in society calls for it, not that he really likesit; and if he goes in for collegiate athletics, as some of the younger Jewsare doing, it is because so much attention has been called to their neglectof sports that the younger generation thinks it necessary to remove thatoccasion of remark.

And yet, the bane of American sports is the presence of a certain typeof Jew, not as a participant but as an exploiter and corrupter. There isa very full case made out in justification of the use of the terms "exploiter"and "corrupter" with regard to baseball. But it would be justas easy to make out the same sort of case with regard to wrestling and horseracing and professional pugilism. Wrestling is so completely ruled by Jewsas to have become an outlawed sport. The story of wrestling is not onlythe story of demoralization of a sport but also the story of wholesale defraudingof the public. The same is true of horse-racing. The whole atmosphere ofthe sport is dishonest. The horses remain the only well-bred creatures connectedwith it.

Yet why should the art of breeding and training and testing fine horsesbe debasing? Only because a certain class saw in it a chance to play onthe weakness of men for the sake of gain.

That explains the presence of the Jew in modern sports and it also explainswhy the Jewish Idea in sports, instead of being preservative, is corruptive.The Jew saw money where the sportsman saw fun and skill. The Jew set outto capitalize rivalry and to commercialize contestant zeal. It would seemto be high time that organized Jewry should undertake to control or repudiatethose Jews who have been most instrumental in corrupting and nearly destroyingour cleanest, most manly public sports.

It is worth noting that in Chicago, where the Jewish Anti-DefamationLeague has its headquarters, there was not a word of reproof sent out fromJews to the Jewish culprits chiding them for their activities. Not a word.But at the same time the pressure of the Anti-Defamation League was heavyon the whole American newspaper press to prevent the public statements thatthe whole baseball scandal was a Jewish performance from beginning to end.Heavy Jewish betting, the bribing of players, the buying of clubs, the cheatingof the public, has been proved time and again in American courts. All alongthe line of investigation into sporting scandals the names of Jews are plentifullysprinkled.

If "fans" wish to know the trouble with American baseball,they have it in three words - too much Jew." Gentile fronts"'may rant out their parrot-like pro-Jewish propaganda, the fact is that asport is clean and helpful until it begins to attract Jewish investors andexploiters and then it goes bad. The two facts have occurred in pairs toofrequently in America and under too many dissimilar circumstances to havetheir relationship doubted. There are no variations on the Jewish corruptionof American sports, principally baseball, racing, boxing and wrestling.In the fixing of results, the swindling of gamblers, the staging of frauds,the rottenness has been discovered between the Jewish investors and thevenal contestants.

It should be emphasized that the principal Jewish abuses are nation-wide.This was shown in the United States Government's investigation of the WhiteSlave Traffic; the bootlegging business, racetrack gambling, baseball pools- all a national network for the catching of "suckers." Thereis nothing unusual in this Jewish activity - from the clever "high-ups"to the degenerate "low-downs"; they are all part of a nationalgroup. They are part of the national machinery organized and operated forthe purpose of separating "Gentile boobs" from their money.

If there were no "Gentile boobs," or if the "Gentile boob"would only take a straight look at the man behind the nationwide spiderweb,the gamblers and the Jewish sport-purveyors would be in another kind ofbusiness; with perhaps less money to flaunt in the faces of honest people.

Years before the public scandals broke, the Jew had crowded into allthe lucrative sports; he remains in control of them, but only on the commercialside, seldom if ever in sympathy with sport as a real sportsman. The Jewsare not even real gamblers, they are not sportsmen enough to gamble; theyare the "sure-thing" men. The "Gentile boobs" who walkinto their traps are the people who provide the money. Even in the fieldof money the Jew is not a sport - he is a gangster, ringing a gang of hisilk round him.


Wrestling is so tightly controlled by Jewish managers that a real wrestleris absolutely barred out, for fear he will be able to show that the handfulof wrestlers hired by the Jewish Sports Trust are not wrestlers at all,but only impositions on the good nature of the public. The rottenness ofthe ancient sport of clean wrestling has surfaced in such disgusting orgiesas "all in" and "mud" wrestling and, lately, wrestlingcontests between screaming viragos of the female sex. Wrestling is as mucha Jewish business controlled in its every part as the manufacture of clothing.

Despite unending graft scandals baseball is still America's Number Onesport. It cannot be killed as a busyness; it will always draw a gang onan afternoon, particularly a Sunday afternoon. It can be pepped up and 'Jazzed"up to make it quite a show. But it can, it is being, killed as a sport,and those who value the game as a sport should wish its utter destructionrather than consent that it become the rendezvous for the gang that nowfill the Jew-controlled burlesque houses. Baseball as a business has becomea danger in American life, a mob center, a hang-out for the disorderly andcriminal classes, as the racetrack and boxing ring have long since been.

The disease is caused by the Jewish characteristic which spoils everythingby ruthless commercial exploitation. The disease may be too far gone forany cure.


"People of all opinions and all doctrines are ads our service, restorersof monarchy, demagogues, Socialists, Communism and other Utopians. We haveput them all to work. Every one of them from his point of view is underminingthe last remnant of authority, is trying to overthrow all existing order.All the governments have been tormented by these actions. But we will notgive them peace until they recognize our super-government."

- The Ninth Protocol

"When we introduced the poison oil liberalism into the governmentorganism, its entire
political complexion changed."

- The Tenth Protocol.

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