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Top: Jewish References &Documents: Gentiles SpeakingAbout Jews: Henry Ford: THEINTERNATIONAL JEW IN ITS ENTIREITY: Chapter 14 - "The High and Low of Jewish Money-Power"

"The High and Low of Jewish Money-Power"

From Henry Ford's Book, TheInternational Jew

Humanity has become wise enough to discuss those forms of physical sicknessover which it formerly drew the veil of shame and secrecy, but politicalhygiene is not so far advanced. The main source of the sickness of our nationalbody is charged to be the influence of the Jews, and although this was apparentto acute minds years ago, it is now said to have gone so far as to be apparentto the least observing. But while these influences were undermining themass of the people, higher influences of Jewish origin were operating onthe government.

The Jewish Problem in the United States is essentially a city problem;great cities are the areas in which most all national diseases have theirorigin. It is characteristic of the Jews to gather in numbers, not whereland is open nor where raw materials are found, but where the greatest numberof people abide. This is a noteworthy fact when considered alongside theclaim that the Gentiles have ostracized them; the Jews congregate in theirgreatest numbers in those places and among those people where they complainthey are least wanted!

The explanation most frequently given is this: the genius of the Jewis to live off people, not off land, nor off the production of commoditiesfrom raw materials, but off people. Let other people till the soil; theJew, if he can, will live off the tiller. Let other people toil at tradesand manufacture; the Jew will exploit the fruits of their work. That ishis particular genius. If this genius be described as parasitic, the termwould seem to be justified by a certain fitness.

In no other city of the United States can the Jewish Problem be studiedwith greater profit than in the city of New York. There are more Jews inNew York than anywhere else in the world; at least one Jew in every tenresides in New York. Jews exert more power in New York, and from New York,than they have ever exerted during the Christian era in any place, withthe exception of present Russia. The Jewish Revolution of Russia was mannedfrom New York. The Jewish government of Russia was transported almost asa unit from the lower East Side of New York. The general run of shopkeeping,from the great departmental stores to the smallest "junk" shop,is practically monopolized by Jews. The legal profession is predominantlyJewish. From news agencies that distribute news to the newspapers, to thenewspaper that prints it, to the newsstand that distributes the nationalreading matter, the control and in most cases the ownership is entirelyJewish. In Wall Street the Jewish element is both numerous and powerful,as might be expected of a race which from early days has played an importantpart in the financial operations of the world.

The Rothschild Method

Jewish high finance first touched the United States through the Rothschilds.Indeed, it may be said that the United States founded the Rothschild fortunes.As so often occurs in the tale of Jewish riches, the fortune was foundedin war. The first 20 million dollars the Rothschilds ever had to speculatewith was the money paid for Hessian troops to fight against the Americancolonies.

Since that first indirect connection with American affairs, the Rothschildshave often invaded the money affairs of the country, though always by agents.None of the Rothschild sons thought it necessary to establish himself inthe newly-founded United States. Anslem remained in Frankfort, Solomon choseVienna, Nathan Mayer went to London, Charles established himself in Naples,and James represented the family in Paris.

These were the five war-lords of Europe for more than a generation, andtheir dynasty was continued by their successors.

Rothschild power, as it was once known, has been so broadened by theentry of other banking families into governmental finance, that it mustnow be known not by the name of one family of Jews, but by the name of therace. Thus it is spoken of as International Jewish Finance, and its principalfigures are described as International Jewish Financiers. Much of the veilof secrecy which contributed. so greatly to the Rothschild power has beenstripped away; war finance has been labeled for all time as "bloodmoney," and the mysterious magic surrounding large transactions betweengovernments and individuals, by which individual controllers of large wealthwere made the real rulers of the people, has been largely solved and theplain. Facts disclosed.

The Rothschild method still holds good, however, in that Jewish institutionsare affiliated with their racial institutions in all foreign countries.As a leading student of financial affairs puts it, the world of high financeis largely a Jewish world because of the Jewish financiers "absencefrom national or patriotic illusions." To the International JewishFinancier the ups and downs of war and peace between the nations are butthe changes of the world's financial market; and, as frequently the movementof stocks is manipulated for purposes of market strategy, so sometimes internationalrelations are affected for mere financial gain.

It is known that the first world war was postponed several times at thebehest of international financiers. If it broke out too soon, it would notinvolve the states which the international financiers wished to involve.Therefore, the masters of gold, the international masters, were compelledseveral times to check the martial enthusiasm which their own propagandahad aroused. The Jewish Press alleges that there was discovered a RothschildLetter dated 1911, and urging the Kaiser against war. The year 1911 wastoo early. There was no such insistence in 1914.

There is no question whatever of International Jewish Finance being deeplyconcerned in the matter of war and revolution - this is never denied asto the past; it is just as true of the present. The league against Napoleon,for example, was Jewish. Its headquarters were in Holland. When Napoleoninvaded Holland, the headquarters were moved to Frankfort on-the-Main. Itis remarkable how many of the International Jewish Financiers have comeout of Frankfurt - the Rothschilds, the Schiffs, the Speyers, to name buta few. Jewish influence in German affairs came strongly to the front duringthe 1914-1918 war. It came with all the directness and attack of a flyingwedge, as if previously prepared. There are no stronger contrasts in theworld than the pure Germanic and pure Semitic races; therefore, there hasbeen no harmony between the two in Germany, and though Jewish influencebecame strong in that country it was not gained without challenge, but Jewishpower became paramount in the Revolution which followed the war. The Revolutionwould not have come if they had not brought it. The principal Jewish influenceswhich brought down German order may be named under three heads: (a) thespirit of Bolshevism which masqueraded under the name of German Socialism;(b) Jewish ownership and control of the Press; (c) Jewish control of thefood supply and the industrial machinery of the country. There was a fourth,"higher up," but these worked upon the German people directly.It will be recalled that the German collapse in that war was directly dueto food starvation and material shortages, and to industrial unrest. Asearly as the second year of the war, German Jews were preaching that Germandefeat was necessary to the rise of the proletariat. Strovel declared: "Iopenly admit that a full victory of the country would not be in the interestof the Social Democrats." And also: "The exaltation of the proletariatafter a won victory is an impossibility." Revolution is the expressionof the Jews' will to power. Parties are but tools for the Jewish plan topower. The so-called "dictatorship of the proletariat" is reallyand practically the dictatorship of the Jews.

The 1914-1918 war brought about a condition which threw a new light onthe internationalism of Jewish finance. During the years of American neutralitythere was opportunity to observe the extent of the foreign affiliationsof certain men, and also the extent to which ordinary national loyalty wassubordinated to the business of international finance. That war really forceda coalition of Gentile capital on one side of the struggle, as against certainblocks of Jewish capital which were willing to play both sides. The oldRothschild maxim: "Do not put all your eggs in one basket," becomesperfectly plain when transposed into national and international terms. Jewishfinance treats political parties the same - bets on them both, and so neverloses. In the same way Jewish finance never loses a war. Being on both sides,it cannot miss the winning side, and its terms of peace are sufficient tocover all advances to the side that lost. This was the significance of thegreat swarming of Jews at the Versailles Peace Conference.

But a strange fatality seems to follow all forms of Jewish supremacy.Just as the capstone is ready to be placed on the edifice of Jewish triumphs,something occurs and the structure shrinks. It occurs so often in Jewishhistory that the Jews themselves have been exercised to find an explanation.In many cases "anti-Semitism" offers the readiest excuse, butnot always. Just at the present time, when the light which was shed by thefires of war has revealed so many matters formerly hidden in shadow, theawakening of world attention is called "anti-Semitism," and theexplanation is given that "after every war the Jew becomes the scapegoat"- a curious admission which would lead a less self-centered people to inquire,Why?

Scope Of Jewish Money Power

In the firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, Jewish finance in the United Statesreached its high-water mark. The head of this firm was the late Jacob Schiff,who was born in Frankfort-the-Main and whose father was one of the Rothschildbrokers. One of Jacob Schiff's associates, Otto Kahn, was born in Mannheim,and was early associated with the Speyers, who also originated in Frankfortand who came to great power in England during the reign of Edward VII. Anotherassociate, Felix Warburg, married into Jacob Schiff's family, and the Warburgsbecame some of the most influential members of America's diplomatic representatives.

Early flank movements of Jewish financiers in America sought out otherobjectives in foreign countries whose future influence on American affairsproved to be considerable. The first flank movement was toward Central andSouth America. The financial assistance, practical and advisory, offeredto Mexico during the most unsatisfactory period of her relations with theUnited States was given by Jewish groups. The political upheavals and thefinancial arrangements in the tiny but strategically placed countries ofCentral America are too notorious even to occasion comment.

It is known that Jacob Schiff gave material assistance to Japan in the1905 war with Russia. This was explainable on the ground of good businessand also of a desire to revenge Russia's treatment of the Jews. Schiff usedthe opportunity also to instill the principles, which have since grown upinto Bolshevism, into the minds of the Russian prisoners in Japanese warcamps. The attempt to gain influence in Japan, in those distant days, cameoff rather badly. The Japs kept the business deal strictly a business deadand Mr. Jacob Schiff was displeased with Japan generally. The idea at thebeginning of the century appears to have been to add the newly rising Japanto the string of financial conquests, but the Japanese were credited withknowing much more about the "Jewish peril" than did the IgnitedStates. This is well worth recalling in view of the intensive propagandawhich, for years before the 1914 war and again just before the 1939 war,constantly sought to create misunderstanding between the United States andthe Empire of Japan.

Jewry emerged from the 1914-1918 war more strongly entrenched in power,even in the United States, than it was before. In the world at large theascendancy of the Jew at the present time is even more marked. In thosecountries which can justly be called unfriendly to the Jew, now or in therecent past, the rule of the Jew is stronger than anywhere else. The morethey are opposed the more they show their power. At a moment when, as allJewish spokesmen inform us, there is a world-wave of "anti-Semitism"- which is their name for a new awakening of people to what has been goingon - what should occur but that at the head of the Chief Magistracy of theWorlds a Jew appears. Nobody seems to know why. Nobody can explain it.

"Disraeli of America" - A Jew of Super-Power

In the United States we had a term of Jewish rule** almost as absoluteas that which exists in Russia. This appears to be a very strong statement,but it is milder than the facts warrant. And the facts are not of hearsayorigin, nor the product of a biased point of view; they are the fruits ofan inquiry by the lawful officials of the United States who were set asidein favor of a ready-made Jewish Government, and they are forever spreadupon the official records of the United States.

The Sews have proved that the control of Wall Street is not necessaryto the control of the American people, and the person by whom they provedthis was a Wall Street Jew !

This man has been called "the pro-consul of Judah in America."It is said that once, referring to himself, he exclaimed: "Behold theDisraeli of the United States!"

To a select committee of the Congress of the United States he said: "Iprobably had more power than perhaps any other man did to the war; doubtlessthat is true."

EDITOR'S NOTE: The League of Nations is referred to in the original (1920)text and the same factor arises in the present direction of the "UnitedNations." The more it changes, the more it is the same thing!

EDITOR'S NOTE: In each instance the 1914-1918 war is referred to,, duringthe administration of President Wilson. It is a vital fact that the sameman (Baruch) was the right-hand man of President Roosevelt throughout theRoosevelt peace and war administrations!

He did not overstate the case. He did have more power. It was not alllegal power, this much he admitted. It reached into every home and storeand factory and bank and railway and mine. It touched armies and governments.It touched recruiting boards. It made and unmade men without a word. Itwas power without responsibility and without limit. It was such a poweras compelled the Gentile population to lay bare every secret before thisman and his Jewish associates, giving them an advantage and knowledge thatbillions of gold could not buy. *

Not one American in a million ever heard of this man before the entryof the United States into the war in 1917. He glided out of a certain obscurityunlighted by public service of fame, into the high rulership of the nationat war. The constituted government had little to do with him save vote themoney and do his bidding. He said that men could have appealed over hishead to the President of the United States but, knowing the situation, mennever did.

Who was, who is, this figure, colossal in his way, and most instructiveof the readiness of Judah to take the rule whenever he desires?

His name is Bernard M. Baruch. He was born in South Carolina in the 1870's,the son of a Jewish doctor, Dr. Simon Baruch. He was graduated at the Collegeof the City of New York when he was just under 19 years of age. After goingdown to Wall Street as a clerk and a runner, and v. hen he "was about26 or 27," he became a member of the firm of A. A. Housman and Company."In about 1900 or 1902" he left the firm, but he had meanwhile gaineda seat on the Stock Exchange.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In the second world war, in which the man was all powerful,his close friend, Winston Churchill, was British Prime Minister. It is significantthat the "concentration of industry" system in Britain threw allcommercial secrets into the hands of monopolist cartels, and the secretsof British military and industrial developments were made freely availableto Jewish manipulators.

He then went into business himself, a statement which must be taken literallyin view of his testimony that he

"Did not do any business for anybody but myself. I made a studyof the corporations engaged in the production and manufacture of differentthings, and a study of the men engaged in them."

Emerging from his evidence before Congress, Baruch's operations are seento be in various fields; principally in the field of metals and the organizationof various commercial enterprises. He was instrumental also in the purchaseof tobacco companies, various copper, steel tungsten, rubber and smeltingcompanies, and he was responsible for the building up of the great industriesin rubber in Mexico. As a young man, he is found to be the master of largesums of money, and there is no indication that he inherited any. He is verywealthy. What change the war made in his wealth is not known, but certainlymany of his friends and closest associates reaped great quantities of moneyfrom their activities during the war.

Dictator Baruch

Cross-examined by the Congress Inquiry it was amply proved that Baruch'sinfluence over President Wilson made such changes in the Administrationas to make Baruch the most powerful man in the war. The Council of NationalDefense eventually became the merest side show. It was not a Council ofAmericans that ran the war, it was an autocracy headed by a Jew, with Jewsat every strategic point down the line. In his own evidence he describesone of his visits to the President in 1915.

Mr. Baruch: "I thought a war was coming long before it did ....I explained to him as earnestly as I could that I was very deeply concernedabout the necessity of the mobilization of the industries of the country.The President listened very attentively and graciously, as he always does.... My attention was brought to the Council of National Defense The Secretaryof War asked me what I thought of it. I sand I would like to have somethingdifferent." A council is a council. Mr. Baruch wanted some thing different.He did get something different. He got the President to change matters soas to make Mr. Baruch the "most powerful man in the war." WhatBaruch did was very masterly, but it was not in the American manner. Noone but a member of his race would have wanted to do it.

There is no discounting the testimony Baruch gave before Congress. ThePresident of the United States did exactly what Baruch wanted in a thousandways, and what Baruch apparently wanted was a ruling hand on productiveAmerica, and he got it. He got it in a larger way than even Lenin or hissuccessors ever got in Russia; for here in the United States the peoplesaw nothing but the patriotic element; they did not see the Jewish Governmentlooming above them. Yet it was there.

So Baruch did things. Before he got through, he was head and center ofa system of control such as the United States Government never possessedand never will possess until it changes its character as a free government.As told by himself, his power consisted in the following authorities:

1. Authority over the use of capital in the private business of Americans.(This authority was nominally under the Capital Issues Committee, the controllingfactor of which was another Jew, Eugene Meyer, Jr.)

2. Authority over all materials. This, of course, included everything.Mr. Baruch was an expert in many of the lines of materials involved, andhad held interests in many of them. In lines where Mr. Baruch was not anexpert he, of course, had other experts in charge; Jews." The membersof that committee were pierced out by myself; the industries did not pickthem out," he stated. *

3. Authority over industries. He determined where coal might be shipped,where steel might be sold, where S industries might be operated and wherenot. He said, it is in his recorded testimony, that there were 361 or 357lines of industry under his control in the United States including "practicallyevery raw material in the world. I had the final authority."

4. Authority over the cases of men to be called to mild tare serge. Baruchvirtually pointed out to the Provost Marshall of the United States, theclasses of men to be taken into the army." We had to decide virtuallythe necessity of things," he said." We had to decide that theless-essential industries would have to be curbed, and it was from themthat the man-power would have to be taken for the army.

It was, of course, necessary that some ruling should be made, but whyone man, why always this one man?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The extension of the "control of industry and materialssystem in World War 2 and the development of the methods and powers of Baruchand his political associates in the "Western Democracies" in thelatter war, make an interesting parallel to the disclosures in Congressafter the first world war. The Plan in progress, ill fact.

5. Authority over the personnel of labor in the count.

"We decided upon a dilution of men with women labor, which was athing that had always been fought by the labor unions." "We fixedthe prices for the total production, not alone for the army and the navy,but for the Allies and the civilian population."

And now behold as complete an illustration of one part of the Protocols as ever could be foundin any Gentile Government: "We will force up wages which, however,will be of no benefit to the workers, for we will at the same time causea rise in the prices of necessities" - the First Protocol.

It was not only during the war, but also after the Armistice, that tokensof signal choice were showered on Baruch. He went to the Versailles PeaceConference as a part of the President's entourage.

Mr. Baruch: "Whenever he asked my advice I gave it. I had somethingto do with the reparations clauses. I was the American Commissioner in chargeof what they called the 'Economic Section. ' I was a member of the SupremeEconomic Council in charge of raw materials."

Baruch admitted in his evidence that he sat in council with the men whowere negotiating the Peace Treaty and that he participated in the meetingof the "Big Five" Premiers. Jews were so conspicuous in the AmericanMission as to excite comment everywhere. Frenchmen called Versailles the"Kosher Conference." So numerous and ubiquitous were the InternationalJews, headed by Baruch, so firmly established in the inner councils, thatthe keen observer, Dr. E. J. Dillon, in his book, "The Inside Storyof the Peace Conference" (Harpers), said this:

"It may seem amazing to some readers, but it is none the less afact, that a considerable number of delegates believed that the real influencesbehind the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Semitic." (p. 496).

And again:

Go... the sequence of expedients framed and enforced in this directionwere inspired by the Jews, assembled in Paris for the purpose of realizingtheir carefully thought-out program, which they succeeded in having substantiallyexecuted ... The formula into which this policy was thrown by the membersof the Conference, whose countries it affected, and who regarded it as fatalto the peace of Eastern Europe, was this: 'Henceforth the world will begoverned by the Anglo-Saxon peoples, who in their turn, are swayed by theirJewish elements'." (p. 497).

This is not the whole story by any means.

Why was Baruch chosen to be the first Dictator of the United States?What had he been, what had he done, that he should have been chosen as headand front of governmental power in the first world war, the first majorwar in which the United States were involved, and which turned that countryfrom a debtor nation into the most powerful of all time in military andfinancial power? And with a minimum of military sacrifice and comparativelytrifling effort His antecedents do not account for it. Neither his personalnor commercial attainments account for it. What does?

Men who can manipulate this political and money power in time of warcan do so in time of peace. The United States is living under some of thepeace-manipulation now. The operating groups, governments, are bankrupt.Only their power of confiscation keeps them up. The United States, commonlyreferred to as the richest country in the world, is just as poor as a governmentas is any other; it is in debt and borrowing. And its creditors are constantdiscounting their obligations and putting it into worse hands than ever.The amount of our National Debt is the measure of our enslavement to JewishWorld Finance. We live in a democracy, yet loans are contracted that alwayscost more than the amount of the loan, and no one has a word to say aboutit. We Americans do not know how much interest we pay every year, and wedon't know to whom we pay it.


"We shall handle the Press in the following manner:

1." We shall saddle it and keep tight reign upon it. We shall dothe same also with other printed matter, for of what use is it to rid ourselvesof attacks in the Press, if we remain exposed to criticism through pamphletsand books?"

2." Not one announcement will reach the people save under our supervision.We have attained this at the present time to the extent that all news isreceived through several agencies in which it is centralized from all partsof the world "

3." Literature and journalism are two most important educationalforces, and consequently our government will become the owner of most ofthe journals. If we permit ten private journals, we shall organize thirtyof our own, and so on. This must not be suspected by the public, for whichreason all the journals published by us will be externally of the most contraryopinions and tendencies thus evoking confidence in them and attracting ourunsuspecting opponents, who thus will be caught in our trap and renderedharmless."

- The Twelfth Protocol.

Chapter15 - "The Battle For Press Control"
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